Switch Mode Power Supply

S8FS Series

Designed to Withstand Abnormal Input Voltages Up to 300 VAC*1.
Improved Resistance to Noise of Several Tens of kHz from Inverters.
Lightening Surge Resistance of 1.5 Times*1 the Standard Value.
Design with details in mind provides stable quality and reliability.

S8VK Series

Omron has developed a new and exciting family of compact power supplies. With the same high quality and practical design that made our previous series safe, reliable, and easy to install, the new S8VK series is even tougher, more compact and easier to use. Omron is a world leader in the development and manufacture of industrial power supplies. We launched our first compact product, the S82K, in 1987 and our S8VS compact series has been an automatic choice with customers since 2002.