HVLS Fan Drive


IN310 integrated all-in-one machine is mainly composed of variable frequency drive, power-on knob switch, speed control positioner, and liquid crystal display. It is an all-in-one machine with multiple advantages, such as multi-function, smooth start-up, ultra-quiet, small size, easy operation, and energy saving.

Low Voltage Inverters

AC10 Series Frequency Inverter

AC10 series frequency inverter is a product developed on the latest technology platform of VEICHI. AC10 products are based on the user's market demand for miniaturization, high reliability and high cost performance. As a narrow-body VFD, AC10 has convenient way of installation, small size, low temperature rise, high protection, strong software performance and many other advantages. AC10 development relies on advanced PLM R&D management system to ensure that the hardware, software, structure and test process are three-dimensional, systematic and can be developed during the development process. Traceability, constant scrutiny in every detail ensures strict rigor and scientific spirit (T3 VFDs only support vector control).

AC310 Series Frequency Inverter

VEICHI AC310 series inverter is a high-performance vector inverter that is a continuation of the AC300 hardware structure design concept by VEICHI, retains the characteristics of the new generation of VEICHI products, and breaks through innovation in functional performance. It not only adopts the international leading field-oriented vector control technology, but also enriches the control methods of various forms of load such as voltage-frequency separation EPS power supply on the basis of compatible asynchronous and synchronous motor control. Under the premise of ensuring product high performance and high reliability, rationally layout parts, maintain product book-style narrow body design, pay attention to product ease of use and industry-specific design, and better solve customers' product selection troubles. It is equipped with abundant expansion ports and a variety of expansion accessories to achieve the characteristics of high performance, high reliability, high power density and high applicability.